How to Value Your Body by Wearing the Right Jeans!

We Selected 5 Different Models For You To Keep The Look Even More Fashion

Do you know that piece of clothing that we can not give up at all and that it’s almost impossible to have someone who does not have one in the closet? That piece is jeans!

It is a classic clothing that is worth investing, because it never goes out of style.You can change the colors that are high, the cuts and shapes, but the jeans always gives a way to appear on the catwalks and among the most desired pieces of the moment.

To give you some tips on how to wear jeans and which are the best parts options to accompany you, we’ve separated 5 models for you to invest and raze in production.

Gisele BÜNdchen, Nikki Reed And Lindsay Lohan

Let’s start with the model that is up this winter: the flare! The flare jeans is more tight at the hip and starts to open from the knee. His mouth is more open compared to his waist.

Ashley Tisdale, Leighton Meester And Kourtney Kardashian

As flare pants are more tight on the hip, ideally you should wear them with tighter, shorter t-shirts, as Gisele Bündchen did. Or with underwear shirts like Leighton Meester, and jackets and jackets that cover the hip like Nikki, Lidsay, Ashley and Kourtney.

To get the piece and get it right, follow some basic tips:

Gordinhas: As this type of pants emphasizes the hip, ideally you put a cardigan or longer cardigan over the top, to enhance the shape of your body.

Skinny: Enjoy that flare pants match more with loose t-shirts, and wear the t-shirt inside the pants, leaving a joke. This will give a feeling of volume.

Baixinhas: Bet on high heels to lengthen the silhouette, and do not look flat. Here are all types of jumps, even platforms, if you prefer.

Taylor Swift, Emma Stone And Ashley Olsen

Another type of jeans that is a hit and has already become a plaything in our closet is the skinny . This model is right to the body and, unlike the flare, its entire length is more “sticky” even.

Vanessa Hudgens, Hayden Panettiere And Miranda Kerr

When it comes to betting on this piece, remember the rule of compensation: just below, let it go!

Prefer the extra-large t-shirts to match your skinny jeans, as did Taylor, Emma, ​​Vanesssa and Hayden. Or bet on jackets and suits with Hayden and Miranda.Another alternative is to bet on black jeans, as Ashley did.

Gordinhas: If you have thicker hips and thighs, prefer to wear longer t-shirts and coats. That will value your silhouette.

Skinny: To give more volume to your body, play with overlapping parts and vary the length. That is, wear a slightly shorter jacket over the shirt, or a longer shirt over a t-shirt. That will redraw your silhouette!

Incredibly low: they prefer the heels and even the tone on tone, that is, pants and shoes with colors close.

Sienna Miller, Beyoncé and Ashley Greene

The Jegging is a type of jeans very very similar to the skinny, their main difference is in the composition. This is because the jegging pant fabric contains more stretch than all the others and therefore is lighter and more comfortable than the skinny and reminiscent of a legging.

Hence the name: jeans+legging=jegging!

Blake Lively, Miley Cyrus And Selena Gomez

Here is the same rule of proportion used for skinny pants. Wear with longer, longer t-shirts like Sienna, Beyoncé, Blake, Miley and Selena. Or give preference to the darker washings as Ashley did.

Chews: Avoid the cleaner washes, and bet in darker shades to enhance your body.

Skinny: Bet on the same set of different lengths and overlaps. Another cool tip is to use vivid colors and larger prints on the top, this will give you an idea of ​​even greater volume.

Bones: Bet on similarly shaped pieces to lengthen the silhouette and give a longer visual effect.

Dakota Fanning, Eva Longoria And Sarah Jessica Parker

The boyfriend pants have a more straight cut, wide and masculine, so it gives the impression that the pants are not yours, but your boyfriend.

Rachel Bilson, Kate Bosworth And Sarah Michelle

Adopting men’s pieces is super high, but you do not have to look like a boy to do that, right? To keep up with fashion, follow the following tips: wear with t-shirts and tighter regattas, such as Dakota and Rachel; Women’s shoes like Eva, Sarah and Kate; And fold the trouser bar like they all did!

Gordinhas: Bet on longer coats and pants that cover your hips.

Skinny: Since boyfriend pants are already wider than the others, a different option to give more volume is to bet on jeans with lighter washes.

Incredibly low: prefer the closest shoes to your skin tone and high heels.

Reese Whiterspoon, Hilary Duff And Kate Middleton

Of all the models of jeans invented, the rectum is the one that ALL woman has to have. His cut is the same from the knee to the bar, so no rules! Here you can play in your production without fear of being happy.

Rachel Bilson, Jessica Alba And Shenae Grimes

The tip here is to give preference to the darker pieces at night, to go out or go to the ballad as Reese and Hilary did. And leave the washings a little clearer, with Kate, Rachel, Jessica and Shenae; for the day.

Ready! Now that you already know how to use each type of jeans, invest in the one you like the most and waste on the production!

Do you like the tips? What are your favorite jeans?