How to Use the Versatile Cardigan in Male Looks

Every man likes to have versatile pieces in the wardrobe, is not much of our nature to be worrying about clothes that have limited use or that can leave become obsolete in a blink of an eye, I believe this is the reason the Cardigan has been gaining many adherents in recent years, the piece like the male audience by allowing various combinations on almost all occasions.

Definition-what is a Cardigan

The Cardigan (cardigan or, if you prefer) is a piece of thin fabric or knit, closed by buttons, your collar up front can be bald or shawl, majoring in both cases a V at neck height. The buttons vary according to taste of the designer who created the piece, you can find them in wood, acrylic, mother-of-Pearl or metal, among other types. The colors are varied, but there is a predominance of winter tones due to the climate of the time in which the part is used, as well as the mixing of colors, plus she can be stamped or your plot can display stripes, dots or the standard called fair isle, thus known to be typical of a British island.


Was James Brudenell, 7th Earl of Cardigan, tired of the discomfort of vest used by the army, who decided to create a more comfortable fabric knitted, sleeveless and closed as a pullover. Only after some time that the name cardigan was renamed also coats with long sleeve. Later, the play would gain an upgrade, and is open at the front with buttons “option for those who wanted to keep it closed. Probably the popularity count, earned after your campaign as major-general in front of the light brigade in the Crimean War, has helped to make the cardigan a success, becoming a classic piece of both the male and the female wardrobe.

How to use the Cardigan

This is a very versatile apparel, fine mesh models are great for autumn combinations and accept rollovers with ease, knitting models already heavy overlap shirts, long-sleeve blouses knits and other, often replacing coats or jackets and other covering them.

Here are some examples:

Basics, the Cardigan with shirt and jeans is perfect for times when the look casual and comfortable if necessary.

Tone-on-tone shirt and tie combination guarantee a foolproof and pants with more vibrant color gives life to look.

With college sports/footprint go well with Twill pants, complement with a retro sneakers like an All Star or a New Ballance to keep everything in the same style.

In days of very cold some people replace the jacket for the Cardigan, the visual is nice, but it can be tricky if you have to take your coat off and miss the top of the costume.

That’s what we’re talking about: versatility. The tailoring is mixed with casual pieces and the Cardigan makes the middle ground to perfection.

This combination abuses off white and the tone on tone of blue, but care must be taken with the horizontal stripes if you’re short or are very overweight, it is best to try the following option.

Reverse the roles, the stripes are underneath and the coat open creates a vertical line that eases the effect stripes reamer.

The partnership with the nylon vest gives a sporty touch to the look, in addition to protecting more against possible changes of weather and high winds.

The mixing of ashes is very common in this type of clothing, but you can leave the polluted if you combine with a very thin stripes shirt and next, for example. If you’re using something that bears a pattern, make sure that it is well discernible, as in the case of this pattern of poá.

A lot of people think the Cardigan an item suitable for older people, but it all depends on your style, combining with the pieces and right colors makes a youthful and modern.

Two cool things in this look: the shawl collar protects the neck and the fair isle pattern that calls attention to the chest and shoulders, drawing look to the face and making you look more robust.

Underneath the blazer or jacket the costume he becomes a great strengthening in cold days, moreover is not considered a broke the dress code for most people.

Additional tips

For those who are overweight: careful with the buttons, if the tissue stress in the belly area give up the purchase, this kind of detail only serves to highlight what you don’t want, select a part that has a little bit left over. Tricôs too bulky can also harm you, to prove the play heads up, see if she makes you look bigger, and if it’s bothering you.

For those who have short stature: if opt for stripes, they stay only at shoulder height; Watch out for very long, they’re going to shorten your silhouette ideally the Cardigan stand in waist-high or a little below that.

Very high: avoid vertical patterns as the cable knit the last one and always use combinations of pants and tops with great contrast to slice the silhouette horizontally.

Final tips

As well as the vest and jacket, always leave the last House unbuttoned. If the look is casual you can also leave other buttons open, including on top of a cool air and is well in moments of leisure and relaxation. Use it wide open in the workplace might not be the best if the local values a visual as well, in such case, does not dispense the tie.