How to use flashlight?

In this article we will give you tips on how to use a flashlight usefully to stay safe in any danger.

How to use flashlight?

When we hear the name of flashlights we believe that they are some kind of special lamps which used for hunting or military affairs, but in reality it is more useful for everyday life than we think, as they are very useful for home and personal safety.


Tactical flashlights that were originally designed for military and police use since many of them are mounted on long-range weapons. They are smaller and lightweight than traditional lamps and are made of aluminium for durability and strength.


As its popularity as lamps for military use was increasing, also built lamps by hand for personal use of any civilian. If you want to learn more about flashlights we recommend:What are flashlights?

How to effectively use a flashlight

When you hear some strange night noise while you’re on the street or are in your House, and think that it is possibly an attacker with a gun but you don’t know how to move in the dark with your hand lamp, here are a few tips to ensure that its use guarantees your security:

Try to turn on the lights as soon as possible, if you’re in a dark scenario, the first thing you should do in a situation of danger is to turn on the lights, between more illuminated better.

If instead, you are on the street or the electricity is gone and there is no way to turn on the lights it is necessary to use your lamp strategically, since if you suspect that the attacker is located nearby and armed, you need to use your lamp to keep you safe, so I recommend you do the following:

Lights, notes, turns off, move. These 4 steps are very simple and useful to exit safe from any dangerous situation, since if you have the suspicion of having an attacker close, have on your lamp constantly facilitate the attacker find you in the dark.

So you can do the above steps many times as necessary until you are safe. You only need to turn on your lamp to inspect the perimeter where you must move and thus identify a possible exhaust area. To move in the dark after observing your escape routes prevents that the offender has the exact spot of your location.

Use a lamp with and as a weapon

Yes, you can also use lamps for self-defense; If when you turn on your lamp you’ve been able to identify your attacker and this has been dazzled, you can do two things, the first is to flee quickly seizing the moment of distraction from the attacker.

The other is to deliver a good swipe with the lamp because it reminds that it is made of a durable material and nothing will happen you to use it as a weapon. In this way attacking your aggressor you can have enough time to seek help.

If on the other hand you work as police or security officer can use flashlight together with your work weapon, either a firearm or an electric paralyser. United States security agencies have stated that there is greater effectiveness in the use of weapons during the night than during the day, since lamps help you to aim better and allow you to have an advantage over your opponent.