How To Use Cardigan

To inaugurate our first article sets, speak of the Cardigan. A coat in the beginning was male, but Coco Chanel brought to the feminine universe.

It’s a totally versatile, serves both as composition or common sweatshirt in various styles. Who is chubby must learn to use, because a mistake ends up with every production. Let’s take all the tips that plus size women need to know.

What is a Cardigan? Cardigan sweater or cardigan (English name), is a coat on your traditional way has v-neck and front buttons. Now has several variations with v-neck, round neck, fabrics, textures, prints and stretched/long (maxi Cardigans). The meaning of the word comes from the Earl of Cardigan.

There are so many models available on the market that we’re in doubt which one to choose. The sets are now long, used type dress. They have everything, either in winter or summer, every woman should have one on your guard – clothes.

Where To Find Plus Size Cardigan

The models above the size G is not that hard to find. I found plus size cardigan on sale at COSYCARDIGAN.COM!

How To Use Cardigan To Fatties?

The fatties can use without problem, but stay tuned to tricks. First, the ideal models with v-neck, why lengthen the silhouette.The Wool Cardigan, knitting and crochet deserves attention because usually are thick and give much volume. The same goes for models with fringes, pockets, embroidered or lace. Prefer a Cardigan thin knitted for use.

The trick is to use the Cardigan loose, not buttoned. At the same time, those who do not have hip or skinny legs, button the two top buttons.

Who but fatty’s short, bet on long cardigans that match the bottom. The long cardigans and tips are exceptions [depending on model]. They highlight the leg, which can be bad for legs or thighs thick.

Cardigan With Belt

Where uses the belt is optional, both inside the Cardigan or over it. It is also nice to draw the waist. The belt combines with dresses, skirts and pants. Give a great addition to the look.

Cardigan And Dress

How to use with dress or how to dress? Whatever, the longest model leaves the same dress. The maxi Cardigan is perfect with shorter dress underneath, but it’s okay to use long gown.

Cardigan With Skirt

The choice of the skirt always straight. For high-waisted skirts, choose the model similar to the photo. Ball skirt looks nice, but is a lot of volume. Who has very hip, not really. Nominate for fatties of broad shoulders and big bust.

Long Cardigan With Tips

Totally versatile, it goes with almost everything. The tip to be careful are models with tips. Honestly I don’t like, I don’t think it is legal in, so I cannot avoid.

Cardigan And Jeans

Two wild cards that don’t have what to discuss. If you want, you can replace the jeans by legging pants.

Cardigan In Summer And Short

In the summer it doesn’t change! Ideally, choose light fabric, as well as colors that match the station. Also becomes an opportunity to wear the Cardigan with short, dresses and shorts. For an alternative, the kimono replaces the Cardigan.

Cardigan And Prints

Printed controversial theme has always been for plus size women. The chubby kid who choose Leopard print, poá, heart, floral, animal print, give preference to the dark background, vertical stripes and discrete designs. “Hide” the pattern underneath. Let the Cardigan of plain color (prefer dark color) as overlay..