How to Use a Bra with Backless Dresses

A backless dress is sexy and always right. Used primarily in the summer, is one of the most popular choices for parties or social events. Besides, it’s better form to display the Golden hue that acquired after days of beach and pool.

However, there is a big problem for those who use backless dresses, as every woman knows: the bra. It’s pretty inelegant display of bra straps, even if you match the color of the dress. The visual is completely ruined and will be unable to enjoy the party, since it does not feel good about yourself.

Are there solutions? Yes, there are and in this post we present a number of innovative tips to resolve once and for all this problem.

Wear A Bra With Backless Dresses

1-Bra with transparent straps

The Bras with transparent straps are the basic answer to the problem. This type of BRA has silicone handles or impercetíveis, which are almost transparent on the skin.In this way, you can keep the perfect support and wear backless dresses with all the comforts.

2-Bra with adjustable back

The Bras with adjustable backs were created especially for this type of dresses. How do they work? The strips that hold the BRA firmly unite not in the center of the back but on the waist, hidden by a slip. In this way, problem solved without major complications.

3-Sin Bra

The Sin Bra is a transparent sticker that you can place on each breast for the lift and provide a free support of the constraints imposed by the BRA. The application is simple: just attach the sticker on the base of the breast, pull the end toward the neck and hold when satisfied. Causes even the illusion of a bigger chest.

4–Sew bulges on the dress

Sew bulges directly on the front of your dress. For this, a old bra reuse you no longer use, cut the two bulges and sew them carefully in the lining of her dress. In this way, it will keep the support of the BRA and get rid of the handles and straps.

5-backless Bras

There are already backless Bras that can also solve the problem. This bra straps are placed near the shoulders, releasing the backs.

6-Bra moulder

The bra moulder is less known though it is also an option to consider. Made with a material that molds and adheres to the skin, the two bulges, one for each breast, support your breast, dismissing any handle or strap.

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