How to Style Wide Pants

There are parts that have the superpower of instant glamour. You put and … ready! Looks like a pixie dust fashion makes you look thin, elegant, wonderful. The wide is exactly like that. A versatile, timeless pants, dressing well most women. Although now and earn the title of trend, as this winter, wide 2015 is much more: it is a classic fail-safe, a true essential of the closet.

The trousers came in vogue in the years 1920, at the hands of Coco Chanel, who pioneered in catapult male parts for the women’s closet. Chanel paraded their pantaloons by French seaside resorts, accompanied by another classic which we already talked about here, the Breton t-shirt. Of course the information, as we well know, wasn’t very agile at the time, and wear pants was still restricted to a few European avant-garde and its tiny artistic circles.

And so, discretinha the pantaloons were until the years 1930, when they came to what was considered the greatest means of communication and influence, the cinema. Actresses like Marlene Dietrich and Katharine Hepburn paraded with the piece inside and off screen, causing prying eyes and acid criticism – after all, women wearing pants, even more symbols of beauty as the two, was something disturbing to some latest minds. But, with the inherent desire for mobility and comfort and thanks to the boldness of some feminists of essence, the pantaloons persisted (Hallelujah!)-legend has it that Katherine came to walk only panties on the set in protest because there were “hidden” their pantaloons, trying to avoid, in vain, that the actress wore.

It was the end of the years 1930 and the mid 1940, most arduous period of World War II, the pantaloons have become colloquial, perfect to wear a new woman who was born, a woman who took on the heavy lifting in factories to support the family, since her husband was in the battlefield. The pantaloons were practical answer – and elegant, of course-for the new world that is outlined from then on. And so they became an essential for life, the last to contemporary.

If the story relates the trousers to the pivotal moments of liberation, is not different also in respect of style: the wide democratic answers need always be female, regardless of whether or not perfect silhouette. For your straight cut, is ideal to disguise unwanted voluminhos in the region of the hips. Models of front line, without pleats, can be perfect for minimizing a prominent abdomen. The only exception lies in the width of the legs, since lower women should avoid very wide models, preferring always drained versions. Besides, released to Greek and Trojan women of style. Oh! And speaking of style, she can use for sporting, casual, sophisticated fashionista. Everything depends on the accessories and Add-ons.

1000 inspirations for anyone who wants to adopt the trousers of time!

The best buy? A black model, without pleats, a heavier fabric, with waist in place or a little higher, with legs wide and not with the bar a bit long, covering a large part of the shoe. Please, she should never take or check on your hips, ok? Bet! Without error.