How to Open a Torrent?

Downloads via BitTorrent Protocol are one way to more simple, practical and fast with which to make us with this material we both want, however few users know how to start in this interesting world.

Before you begin, note that files with the extension “.torrent” circulating online and in specialized sites do not contain the actual download, but contain a description that points to the true location of the same.

To be able to download the contents that are running these files torrent, will need three basic elements: the mentioned torrent file, a program that is able to translate the torrent data, called BitTorrent client and of course a good Internet connection.

Although it may seem complicated, it is not for nothing, the entire process is simple and transparent to the user, that is the only thing we have to do is click on the torrent file and ready. In this article we will find all the necessary steps for start downloading via BitTorrent.

Step 1: As a first step, we will have to download a BitTorrent client, of which there are several and free. However, one of the best, even if advertising is uTorrent, which you can download from its homepage.

Step 2: Once downloaded and installed uTorrent, can move on to configuring it, easier thanks to his assistant.

Step 3: When we have completed with the launch of uTorrent, is time to get material to download. We can do this easily by using the search box on Google by typing for example “Ubuntu torrent” or in some of the many sites specializing in the network that are engaged in this activity.

Step 4: After finding what you were looking for, it is time to download it, so there are two options: the first one is the download of the file with extension “torrent” to our PC and from there to run it like any other file to get to open it uTorrent, or press on the icon of the magnet, which will open the torrent file directly in the client BitTorrent.

A very important point to keep in mind at the time of download a torrent is the assessment made by the users, since there will be able to check if the file is really what it should be or if you have any problems with virus or corruption. Note that it is also important to try to not download content that may be protected by laws of copyright or other intellectual property laws.


Step 5: Once downloaded or run directly the torrent, BitTorrent client will begin to automatically search for users that have the same content you want, getting the parts of each one of them to reset the content, i.e. the file when you have finished collecting all the necessary parts.

Step 6: Once the file has been downloaded, will receive a notification indicating the event. After that, we can already make use of the same in the way that we like best.