How to Have 1950s Style


After the huge success of the American TV series Mad Men, more and more of us are falling in love with the classic, “bold” and, admittedly, sexy look sported by our grannies in the thirties glorious.Equipped with bright colors, skirts, blouses and high heels were on the agenda and is now hotter than ever.

Beginning in the late 1950s

Fashion, as we know and love, is used to change every season. The classic look of the 1950s in the beginning was the hourglass shape, while towards the end of the decade, the look of Jackie Kennedy became the norm. Post 1955 the line “a” Dior was popular and the hem was closer to knee length. According to Thomas Weston Pauline Dior H-line-which includes a slim suit with a slim skirt-“became a classic clothing fashion of the 1950s”


Get a three-quarter length coat with a vintage elbow-known as a swing coat and designed by Jacques Fath. The coats were large enough to cover not only the full-skirts, but also bumps baby boomer years. Coats was worn with wraps and hot red and blue were extremely popular. Remember to be daring by choosing a color.

blouses fitted

Fashion in the 1950s was feminine and innocent, but is designed to fit also means that lined the side of promiscuity. Essential for your wardrobe 1950s is mounted shoulder blouse. Make sure the shirt you buy is not installed and inflated, it was also popular to wear sleeveless blouses.

Color pallet

The palette of classic colors of the decade was a simple black and white. White with black accessories and black and white accessories. Colors more “bold” were very popular, so think a strong red or blue when buying your clothes. The 1950s were all to be seen.


Popular skirts at the time were the pencil skirt, the line skirt and poodle skirt. The pencil skirt was slim-fitting and cut accuracy. The line was narrower at the top with a soft flared downwards. The most recognizable skirt 1950 may be swing wide poodle skirt. For the small look with a fuller skirt try wearing a belt.


We must have accessory of 1950 is the large glasses. Make sure yours reported wings and large images that will give the shows the look “cheesy” sharp you are after. Shawls were also a popular accessory at the time, they were used to gracefully wrap around the shoulders of dresses and stoles were called.


Although being accessories, hats deserves a category all to themselves. Hats were particularly popular in the 1950s and were often accessorized with trimming or veil. The hat was made extremely popular by Jackie O.

Hair styles

In the 1950s, the agenda was a short and very narrow haircut to Audrey Hepburn, while towards the end of the hair of the decade was huge! The plus look (think Liz Taylor) was often achieved by wearing wigs.

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