How to Do Nail Art with Beads


How to Do Nail Art with Beads

The nail art is one of the latest trends in fashion, many girls are in fact specialized in this activity and as many boutiques that have emerged to give to all women in the world of perfect hands. In this guide I will reveal how to realize a nail art with beads . This particular technique will allow you to get amazing results and great fashion. The texture on your nails will look like that of caviar and allow you to have a three-dimensional effect on your hands. To find out how you just have to read on.


  • Make sure you have on hand:
  • clear nail polish
  • Brush fan
  • micro beads
  • Top coat fixative

Begin by spreading on the nail an abundant layer of clear nail polish. This will help preserve the nail from any inconvenience caused by the application of beads, protecting the surface. Before it dries, proceed quickly with the implementation of the beads. Using a fan brush, pick up a small amount of beads. At this point packing gently on the surface of your nails, being very careful that these sticking to perfection. I recommend you do this nail to nail, to prevent the clear coat to dry before applying the same, making operation impossible.

To eliminate the beads in excess gently pat the pads of your fingers and you drop the excesses on the work surface; Obviously these beads can be used for the subsequent nail art. To further establish your creations and make this brilliant and indestructible way, cover with an enamel top coat fixative. Let dry for a few minutes being very careful not to damage your nails, otherwise you risk that all your work is not damaged.

According to, this nail art design technique is great with any color you decide to use and for many occasions, from the most Mondale to the most elegant. When you get tired of this decoration I advise you to remove the beads using the simple nail polish. You can make its action more effective by soaking cotton pads that you will wrap around your fingers, let stand for a few minutes, after which pull out the nail. You will notice that the beads will be away much more easily and will leave the surface free of any residue.