How to Decorate your Kitchen Counters

In addition to integrating environments, the kitchen is a convivial place.

The kitchen is strategically separated from the room or by a half wall and usually occupies a prominent place in the hearts of the residents of the house. With a number of advantages, it increases the feeling of space and integrates environments, allowing greater contact between the cook and his family and visits.

Counter is perfect for small kitchen, but that does not mean it does not apply to larger properties. Regardless of size, it is worth remembering that it makes it much more visible, including the mess. Nothing will be left or accumulated out of place!

Kitchen: the first steps

The kitchen allows space saving if well planned, and the art of cooking offer you an even greater pleasure. After all, who does not like a casual chat at breakfast or after a day of work?

The first points to note are the functionality and harmony. With attached rooms, you need to choose items that will increase the convenience, and form an aesthetically pleasing group. This goes for colors, materials, textures, and especially style.

Another important detail is the lighting, which is more economical in houses with kitchen, since light travels more.

How to choose the furniture of your kitchen

How do you have a little less wall worth investing in alternatives to store utensils, appliances and groceries?

Enjoy the space of your kitchen using the counters. Before choosing, think the objects that will be stored there to help select the best option, consider details such as dimensions, doors or drawers, and will be in the corner or not.

In this type of kitchen, the bar that divides the environments often also assumes the role of table. Therefore, it must be firmly and be easy to clean. Considered key piece, it is essential to add functionality and beauty to all.

Kitchen decoration

A charming fruit bowl, a floral arrangement, pots, spices door, a candlestick or even cleaned and prepared dishes on American napkins, ready to receive visitors. Cozy, huh?

In the case of counter-table, the stools for the kitchen are essential. Typical for this kind of environment, they bring people together and help make the meals even more enjoyable moments.

Kitchen wall clock

Kitchen clocks are functional home accessories. Find a decorative wall clock, vintage wall clock, or even digital wall clock from Phoenix website at

Choose a fume hood

Finally, be sure to use a hood to prevent the frying smell, which invades the whole house.

The device renews the air of the place, sucking it and returning it clean. It is available both for installation in the kitchen center and the wall, in a variety of heights, widths and depths. For stove 4 burner, the hood is recommended 60cm and for 6 burners, 90cm.

Here you will find the best options and ideas to build your integrated kitchen, as it is also known to American cuisine, by lower market prices. Renew your environment!