How to Decorate with Antiques without Appearing a “Carca”

Roll vintage takes a lot, but that doesn’t make your grandmother salon worth of out magazine AD right? Everything has a limit and must follow some premises to do well. Today I tell you how you can decorate your home using old things, without appearing “outdated”…

How to decorate with antiques

#1. It rejects the bad copy

One thing is that we can buy original parts of antiques according to mabletonproducts. It’s true that we can’t with our average salaries. But not that we are going to buy a camera from plastic, right?

My advice is that you “you patees” local markets, look on the network, and above all do not buy fake things.

In the end, grace is to be true vintage. There are many artisans (some up to bloggers, who surely know) that make wonders with parts recovered. As May that made us a post counting as it restored a suitcase and turned it into a bathroom cabinet (remember?). That’s the idea.

#2. Bet on old machines

It serves us that typewriter that you gave in the communion. Also the camera of your grandfather.

In my house I have a collection that I’ve been collecting over the years. And I mean together, because my computer and I unknowingly shared this hobby since childhood. We’ve also now added an Instax once you’ve seen out there in the photos of my recipes.

They are all parts that you can easily display because they are trend. In the photo have rescued a beautiful sewing machine what looks so good!

#3. Antique chairs with SOCKS

That you see in the picture is the famous Thonet Chair. I’ve seen it in one of the apartments for rent that have decorated the Bolena sisters, and it was love at first sight total.
They say that the tenant is a fan of the design, and got it at a local flea market. Only with painted some socks in turquoise, it is so perfect in this corner of the bedroom.

If it gives you something to buy and restore it, look directly in google shopping. There are many shops that are quite successful and affordable replicas.

#4. Water dishes

Do not be no qualms in decorating the walls with dishes. The porcelain takes, but there is scope. So if you have the fate of inherit them, give them a quick swim, and to expose them to the wall.

#5. The trunk of the Piquer

Or who you want. An old trunk you will provide plenty of margin. Some use it in the classroom. Others such as furniture auxiliary in the Hall, even there will be who dares to put it in the bedroom.

To me this option at the foot of the bed I think of 10. It is another one of those things that if not inherit can be easily found in stores (or local businesses). Also, online.

#6. Good makeup

If your furniture is really old but old! A coat of paint can be an extraordinary resource. Here have painted kitchen with geometric, achieving an amazing effect. Have you seen the doily? Another antiquity coming afloat. This is a non-stop when you take you grace!

#7. If you have a broken

If you don’t mind to scratch his pocket, well then you can invest in collector’s items that are well where to put them.

Valentine’s day had it you in IG, I love these refrigerators of Smeg’s inspiration years 60. But its price is more than high. Especially if we compare it with other high-end appliances. But… like one of these days I do a broken! My account will cry, but and the cool may be a fridge in my kitchen.

What do you think of these ideas? Antique pieces you have in house or that anything be it? Let me know…