How to Combine the Wool Sweater with Your Style

How to combine the Wool Sweater with your style – winter there and you need to be prepared to deal with the cold temperatures of the season. Did you know that the sweater is a key piece in the male wardrobe? In addition to beautiful, he is elegant and versatile. Want to learn how to combine the Wool Sweater with your style? Read our tips!

Wool Sweater With Your Style Casual

Many men think that the Wool Sweater is a piece of clothing more classical and difficult to combine. But, you can leave the look young and modern. If you do the casual style, a good tip from musthavesweater is to choose your shirt in more sober tone or even with prints and the sweater a little more colorful.

Fold the sleeves of the shirt out of the sweater, this small detail gives a special touch to the visual. Combine with jeans and leather shoes, which is beautiful, modern, comfortable and perfect for a more casual look .

Wool Sweater With Your Style Casual/Basic

This style is for day trips, barbeques, meetings with friends and informal at all times.To create this look, the sweater can be stamped or colored. A good tip is to wear it with a shirt or polo underneath. Bermuda jeans and twill slacks very well. Sneakers,shoes and moccasins are also welcome. See this model of men’s Moccasin, is stripped and harmonizes perfectly with the most basic and informal style. To finish the look, invest in hats, belts, caps, hats or scarves.

Wool Sweater With Style Your Social

For those who prefer a look social without losing the style, the Wool Sweater is the perfect piece. In this case, prefer a more sober color, such as black, Navy Blue or gray.It can be used under the jacket, and not to make a mistake use the same color sweater of the slacks. You can also use the Wool Sweater with a shirt and tie social. To finish the look with style, choose a social shoe, as this model Ferricelli Goya. He has a varnish that finish is gorgeous and stylish, in addition to maintaining the formality that footwear social order.

The Wool Sweater is the part that should be in every male wardrobe! In addition to versatile, are warm, and perfect for use in winter. Now that you know how to combine the Wool Sweater with your style, how about take a look at our collection of shoes?Find your favorite model and mount your look!