How to Choose the Right Swimsuit

Choose the bikini or suitable swimwear is not easy. It is one of the key parts of the summer, but see us well into it many times is difficult. And is that it not only affects this if you’re in shape or not so much, but it is also very important to choose the swimsuit suitable to your body. Here are some tips to find the perfect swimsuit for you according to your morphology.

Figure type “H”
Your shoulders are the same width of your hips and your waist is not very pronounced.

If you’re thin, you can get almost everything, but there are certain parts that favor you more than others. Opt for a bikini with triangle design, both at the top and at the bottom, with twine tied in the neck for the top and the hips to the lower.

If you’re rather plump, opt for a swimsuit one-piece and preference of color matte. This one-piece costume conceals thicket and unattractive areas. Discards absolutely square necklines, horizontal lines and large prints, because they enlarge your silhouette.

Figure “inverse triangle”
You have wide shoulders and narrow hips. To balance this silhouette and achieve a more feminine figure, he opts for a swimsuit two parts with high-waisted bottom, this will enlarge your hips and lengthen your legs.

If you have a small chest, choose a bra push up, it will make seem that they are larger and it is very feminine.

The one-piece swimsuit is also a good option for you. It favors v necklines and avoid at all costs the swimming swimwear and low sizes, which further accentuate the fineness of your hips and therefore further highlight your shoulders.

Figure PEAR type
You have wide hips and narrow shoulders. Your choice is the bikini. To not stress over your hips, use up a balconnet BRA, which increases the volume of the breasts. Ties behind neck triangle bra is also a good choice. For bottom choose a preference and low-waisted culotte with ties at the sides.

You have forbidden the high-waisted, because mark rellenitos thighs and prominent hips.

Figure type “8”
Very well proportioned, your hips are the same as your shoulders and your waist is thin. You can get practically anything you, but beware of a piece that suits you can flatten your curves. If you have some love handles chooses a wider lower on the hips and avoids the very tight amarritas may become imbedded in the skin.

If you have very large breasts, forget the BRA band type, because it will highlight them further.