How to Choose the Perfect Swimsuit?

We already know, that the success of an outfit resides in the knowledge, know what looks good on you is what makes you shine in any occasion. With the swimsuit, it happens as with the rest of the garments and must also pay close attention. Perhaps we think with swimwear not we hide here and boost there, which makes us put especially nerve being more exposed and believe that our ally cannot become. I will tell you that it is not so, and there is also little tricks to enhance your attributes.

Every body type is different, and it is here where you have to start when selecting your swimsuit, in this way you can identify the characteristics must meet to feel fabulous.

Today I give you the advice that you can apply when choosing ideal swimwear depending on your type of silhouette at


Hourglass silhouette

It is the most harmonious silhouette, if it is yours, you’re in luck because you can carry any type of bikini or bathing suit. Leverages and risk in cuts and styles and prints. Retro bathing suits were designed for women with curves, dare with them.

Triangle silhouette
To achieve balance in this type of silhouette must enhance the top. So who the ideal swimsuit should carry the garment with forms as ruffles, fringe, prints and colorful, in the upper part of your bikini. Conversely, the bottom of your swimwear should be simple and monochromatic, avoiding loops or any detail.

Inverted triangle silhouette
In this case the bottom must be enhanced. Designs should be simpler in the upper zone, and most decorated with prints, details, frills and fringes on the bottom. Costumes and bathroom with v-necklines cut ‘bandeau’ work very well.

Silhouette rectangle
A silhouette where frills, ribbons, prints and ornaments have a place both at the top and at the bottom. In this typology, it is very important to give prominence to the waist, so the trikinis also are very suitable.

Oval silhouette

This silhouette predominate forms rounded by what we will look for a swimsuit figure mold. To do this, nothing better than a bathing suit, flees bikini. I recommend that swimsuits are monochromatic, and if you cast the patterns used children and not very showy. You can use ornaments that wrapped the waist and best it a little more. The halter or v will help you stylize the silhouette.

Are you ready for the dips?