How to Choose Sweater Fit You

Which Collar Choose

very important detail sweater – neckline with neat suit girls form the neck and face of a pretty compact.

Collar Collar come to the aid of women who want to emphasize the breasts or visually expands the upper silhouette.

V-neck suit girls with straight hair and pointed. I this will help to extend your hair is curly, it is better to select a round collar.

What Color to Choose

all usually depends on the figure: slender girls can safely wear a light sweater, and rounded ladies better to give preference to dark colors.

Classic shades of sweaters – black, gray, dark blue, green, red, bright colors – orange, red, green, lemon, you have to be careful not to go. Tova pale blue, cream, coffee with milk, light peach, pale pink, pistachio, ivory.

What Material to Choose

sweater to make the basic – warm in the cold, it must contain a minimum. Ideal ratio – 70% natural synthetic fibers 30%.

But synthetics synthetics. Pullover with the addition of elastane or viscose be both soft and comfortable. I here is an article containing acrylic or polyester, can be a bit rough to the touch.

most warm and comfortable materials – wool for cool spring and autumn weather is ideal. A sweater of angora wool is best suited for winter.

Other Tips for Choosing Pullover

Never buy things you do not want to fit into a size too tight, or vice versa. Ne sure that there are no high-quality sweaters reduced hinges, seams are well treated and never stick thread.

Before you make a purchase, consider what things you liked to wear a sweater, despite the fact that this article of clothing combined with any clothes: skirts, jeans, pants, style, texture, color and thickness of the connection may be some nuances.

winter is not necessary to wear short sweater: first, they look sloppy, and secondly, you need to think about health. Pullover should be up to the lumbar region.

Things made of natural materials, should be treated very carefully, wash them by hand, or to dry on a hanger, hangers coincide with the line of the shoulder or on a towel: it absorbs excess moisture and dry quickly enough sweater.