How to Choose Coat Color

You dream without ever dare, for fear of not knowing the match and never wear it… Good news, the coat color regains her fashion stripes and embellishes all looks, trendy to dress. Biba with tips, coat color displays!

How to choose a color coat

No way to choose a color regardless of the material or the cut! A fur coat , strong piece itself, is less amenable to color… unless you assume. Better in this case, choose the color buttons created by scratches, or a neutral coat with a collar bright color fur. Similarly, the length of a coat turns its color: a short coat can be charming in fuchsia pink, when a long coat risk of falling into caricature.

To choose coat color, consider its use! Would you wear it every day, only at night, or occasionally? The more you wear your coat, plus you may get tired of its color. In the case of a coat every day, avoid wearing bright colors. Prefer a duck or denim blue, burgundy or even emerald green. Also consider the soft shades, very fashionable, like sky blue, almond green or pink blush. If you are looking for a strong piece to wear occasionally.However, testing a carmine red or yellow mustard, a purple or pink peony rejoicing!

Finally, think about your morphology : if you want to hide some curves, avoid, again, overly bright colors. Prefer deep colors, garnet to emerald, a semi-long coat.

Which color for your coat?

Your skin tone, your hair color and your eye color are the essential elements with which give your coat color. Above all, avoid the tone on tone, which fades off and your natural color, especially hair. Gare beige coat on blond hair, or red with red hair … If you dream it anyway, choose it in a different key: a very light beige with dark blond or burgundy red with a coppery red. Beware, too, of some contrasts! The green has a tendency to bring out the redness, especially.

It remains to determine the color that suits you best… Contrary to popular belief, black is not always the ideal color: although simpler to give a wardrobe, it can accentuate a tired mine, especially on pale skin. The secret ? Try… Experiment with different colors, taking into account the way your face off or lights. Put a pink cape or jacket orange, and see.Generally, red or green embellish brunettes, redheads love turquoise and yellow, blondes prefer blue or pastel colors.

How to wear a coat color

With a color coat, a golden rule: calm down the game! Choose simple, dark shades to highlight that of your coat. A black look is the most beautiful setting to illuminate a bright color, about the glamorous effect of a red coat over a little black dress it is not proven.Otherwise, think of denim, which blends easily with beige, brown and white. Or bet on a complementary color: khaki figure in an orange coat, navy under a powder pink coat, blue or oil under a yellow coat. In any case, create a silhouette preferably monochrome or monochrome, unless assume the colorful look!