How to Choose a Helmet for Bike

The Helmet for bicycle is an indispensable element for the cyclist and should offer maximum lightness, ventilation and safety, also must have a form aerodynamics. Choose a helmet for the bike is not easy as there are many different models and prices ranging. This means that you should pay special attention to the choice of this essential element of the bicycle.

1. It must be very light and aerodynamic.

2. It must have sufficient openings to provide excellent ventilation.

3. It should include an adjustment system in the rear to make sure that it fits perfectly to your head, making you feel comfortable and safe.

4. The padding of the helmet must be washable and comfortable.

5. It is better to have an anti-insect net to prevent them from entering through the openings for ventilation.

6. Preferably should include a removable visor.

7. It is recommended to choose a helmet with bike safety reflectors, so called bicycle helmet lights, so that you can see in the case of dark streets.

8. Measure the circumference of your head with a tape measure for the size of the helmet. Some are unique sizes have other sizes. In the latter case the sizes indicate the diameter of the head, example size M are 54-57 cm or 58-61 size L.

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