How Am I Supposed to Clean My Silver Jewelry?

The first step is to forget that image of a jewelry-packed door, one over the other. They should be wrapped one by one, or in boxes suitable for jewelry, or in plastic sachets well enclosed, avoiding the intake of air, thereby retaining the brightness of the jewels.

With the silver jewelry can happen a color change with the course of time. This phenomenon is called oxidation (darkening of jewelry).

It’s just an outer layer and it doesn’t affect its quality, and it can even occur with jewelry that stays in the windows, without ever being used. This is because during the production process the silver receives other components that we call the alloy in which it is used to give solidity to the silver.

Avoid contact with chemicals such as perfumes, cosmetics, pool chlorine and cleaning products.

How to clean a silver jewelry

  1. A) First, see if the piece to be cleaned is protected by varnish.

If it has a layer of varnish, clean it with a soft, dry flannel and no abrasive. There is no varnish, you must clean it with a polishing of type of metal or Brasso.

Apply a thin layer, rub a bit and, after dry, remove the product with an extra soft flannel. When there are only mild spots a soft and dry flannel removes them.

  1. b) A homemade solution to shine to darkened silver is rub it with toothpaste.

When glowing, rinse with lukewarm water and dry with soft cloth.

  1. c) A simple solution to clean silver is to combine approximately one liter of water at ambient temperature, with three tablespoons of baking soda and three tablespoons of salt in a bowl.

We add a little piece of tinfoil and immerse the silver in this solution.

The silver will shine again.

  1. D) do not attempt to shine in your costume jewelry using steel sponges or any abrasive type as polishers, toothpaste, etc.

The ideal is to use a proper flannel for jewelry.

  1. e) There are available in the market folders and liquids for cleaning metals.

The piece will lighten at the time, but it’ll make it darker with more ease due to the oiliness of the product.

For cleaning use a water solution, a very soft brush to not scratch your jewelry and liquid coconut soap or bar, rinse and dry with soft cloth.

Source: Makes it easy