House of Celeb Real Ideas

Who has not dreamed of being the Summer ( The O.C.), cast the first stone! Live in a sunny beach in California, with unlimited credit card and on top of having a boyfriend cute? I’d be happy with that. But Rachel Bilson — actress who played the character — wanted her real life was even more amazing than the scripts. Not only is she beautiful and famous, but also got the beautiful and famous also Hayden Christensen ♥ (eternal Anakin Skywalker).

And the icing on the cake of this whole story is their House, recém-decorada with the perfect mix between the styles of each: he’d rather minimalist spaces with a retro, while she loves mined and parts of boho footprint. The construction is in Los Angeles and is wide and illuminated, as was to be expected.

But if you are thinking you will come across a surreal and astronomical project, hold on. The House may even be of celeb, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be inspired in some interesting ideas, right? Then check out the best balconies below and try to copy.

* Beyond the gray

Now that the grey is the new beige, almost everyone ends up choosing that color in time to buy that new sofa in the living room — and Yes, I include myself in that. It’s good to have a neutral base, but sometimes the gray in excess can also get tired. Want a more creative and alternative as beautiful as? A deep blue, like that used in Rachel’s couch, can be combined with colorful pieces and various styles. In addition, for being dark he seems to emphasize even more natural lighting environment.

* Centerpiece arrangements

As the name implies, the coffee table has the power to steal the show at the living. In addition to the functional side, serving trays, support and related controls, mobile serves as a small window of objects of the residents. Books and magazines are embellishments by itself, as well as easy to have–especially if the table is square or rectangular. To make this arrangement cooler, it’s worth the double copy and fill the top of shade plants and flowers are incredibly low. Orchids are vetoed, ok? Why disturb the visual field of television and who wants to talk sitting.

* Furniture adapted to the needs

Time to decorate, a lot of people suffers the choices because just prioritizing just the aesthetic result, without taking into account the needs and the routine of the House. Who needs storage space, for example, should always prefer instead of buffets sideboards. But in the case of Rachel and Hayden, the problem was to accommodate everyone in the room without letting anyone standing. So instead of the traditional appeal of the trimmer behind the couch, they used a pouf short and strategic. The visitors arrived. Just take off the ornaments and books out and ready, I fit two more!

* Less is more

Sometimes we can’t resist and ends up buying too many embellishments. OK, so far so good. The problem is wanting to use all at the same time. And so the shelves, tables and tops of almost any free surface finish serving display to a multitude of lumber — the House becomes almost a store of knickknacks, such the quantity of objects. But then you can’t! It takes a breather. Even because, in uncontrolled Miscellany something ends up losing the other and nothing gets featured.

How about making a couple of ornaments? Keep some of them in the closet and from time to time replace the ones that are on display. Your decor is grateful, believe me.

* House with a history

Think with me, which is cooler? Talk to the visits that you bought everything in the catalog that furniture store known or could tell a different story and interesting for each piece. That chest of drawers that was inherited, the coffee table recovered from a dumpster, the mirror bought at the flea market … Panning unique items is not always easy or cheap, but worth it when you find the perfect mobile. The famous are also adherents of camp! The actress has a special affection for the picture below, which accompanies it for years, and the green leather chair is also vintage — a real find.