High Waisted Skirt Colada

How To Wear A Skirt “Bandage” With High Waist

Summer is getting closer and that season may be more appropriate to put your legs out than this? Yes, why women vain do not exempt a good skirt during the summer. For the day or night, there are several templates that add value to the body, but one stands out among them, is the “bandage”. See how to use this type of skirt and on which occasions it is best suited.

The “bandage” is originally made with a type of fabric with high compression, as if they were multiple tapes, sewn together. They are usually high waist, which leaves the silhouette even more outlined and highlighted curves, so it’s good to be with the balance and the Academy, because any fat is evident and gain more prominence.

This kind of skirt is more suitable for the evening events, such as birthday parties, dinners with friends or a ballad. You can use it in various ways, since with a tight halter top inside of the skirt, but also can use a loose blouse over it.

The shirts also match these skirts, put on the inside of the skirt, as long as the shirt is ajustadinha to the body. The transparent tissue models look great with skirt “bandage”, especially those who own bonds on the collar. To give a touch more stripped, you can use a recess calling him Jacques strap over the leather look.

Feet, bet on a nude shoe, so the legs are more elongated, because their skirts “bandage” can take a shortened in silhouette, as they are too tight. These skirts can be of various colours, from the most basic, black, blue and gray as, even as coral, colorful bubble gum pink and blue Klein.