High Closed Is the New Sexy

In the Baroque era (c. 1575-1700), lush grinding decorated the shirts of men, later also the robes of Damen.Schluppe is a niederdeutsches Word for loop, an old fashioned. It’s even getting back in fashion – and every time she stands for a different Zeitgeist, a different attitude and a different image of women.

At the beginning of the Victorian era (1837-1901), the ideal of the highly moral, spiritually pure wife, the man was legally subject to and modestly dressed – with a pretty bow at the modestly closed garment.This changed in the 1930s as divas like Joan Crawford or Marlene Dietrich wore them with sophisticated elegance and casual lascivious wink. And Coco was, however, the large loops as a female element Chanel, who had just the women freed from the corset and dressed more casual, functional fashion, even pants to them,.

The button blouse in the postwar years should be considered particularly feminine. Less in the sense of sexy as healer world and stuffiness. The economic miracle of the 50s was a pure man, where was the wife of the caring, brave Cricket on the hearth – an image that rubbed off on her fashion, which in addition to Pettycoat and Bell Rock was also the button blouse again.

Superwomen Needs Today To Fear No More

Back in the mid of 60’s strong women such as Jane Fonda and Catherine Deneuve wore romantic Grinding as a counterpoint to the purist sixties fashion mini skirt and graphic patterns. And in the revolutionary era of flower children and free love, sloops were quite wonderful fit for the flowing looks of the hippies.

And why is she just now again on catwalks and style icons such as Alexa Chung or Charlize Theron to see? Prof. Gertrud Lehnert, specialist in fashion history and fashion theory at the University of Potsdam, suspected that the button “triggers associations in older women, younger women but as ironic quote”. In English, it is called pussy bow, by the way. “And she’s just playful as the eternal T-Shirts,” says Prof. Lehnert. In times where there are no real fashion trends and everyone invents his own looks, she can be playful: serious casual to skinny jeans, highly elegant to Marlene pants and heels or very sixties with pencil skirt in the “mad men”-style. The button is a statement that eliminates extra styling by jewellery and accessories-button well, all’s well.