Here Is the Price Difference on the iPhone 4, 4S and 5

You want an iPhone but don’t know what, if the price is crucial so that we show you here the difference.

After the launch of Apple’s iPhone 5, there has been both happy and disappointed mines to find among critics and customers, but is the price a weight factor for purchase of a new iPhone, so we give you here the price difference.

There is a big difference on whether you buy the cheapest, an iPhone 4, or the most expensive, an iPhone 5.

On Apple’s website, which we have taken as a point of departure, that cost a iPhone 4 with 8 GB memory 2,999 crowns, regardless of color. You can find it here.

An iPhone 4S are available on Apple’s website only in a 16 GB version, here cost the both in white and Black 4,399 crowns. You can find your model here.

Are you more keen on the larger screen, and willing to give the last dollars in order to get the top model, so does an iPhone 5 16 GB version at the Apple website 5,199 crowns, regardless of color.

In conclusion, as well as alternates

All three models have before-installed or can be updated to Apple’s latest iOS 6 software. However, there may be individual features or functionality as the iPhone 4 and 4S does not support in the new software.

The conclusion is, therefore, if you want an iPhone but don’t want to give 5,199 dollars for iPhone 5, so can save 800 crowns by purchasing an iPhone 4S, or entire 2,200 dollars on the purchase of an iPhone 4 through Apple’s store.

However, there may be additional money saving. Some dealers are selling for iPhone for cheaper money than Apple itself.

Therefore, you can via our site view the current prices on iPhone 4, iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 by clicking on the links.