Google Pixel and Pixel XL Is Let See for First Time Together in Real Images!

Leaks of the new Pixel y Pixel XL It seems that they have caught run now that are two weeks for its official launch. If a few hours ago we saw the new Google Mobile for the first time in video through an announcement of Nest now the Pixel and Pixel XL pose together for the first time on camera.

The photographs which you can see in the news correspond to the model silver-white new Google Pixel y Pixel XL, I can finally see them together and real image, but with some parts faded to clear identifiers.

In the two leaked pictures we can see the difference in sizes between the model 5 “and 5.5” and see in much greater detail its design and finish. In addition, we can see that the bottom of the boot animation is white.

As we can see in the pictures, both Google Pixel they will have the same design, it will only change the size of your screen, also keeping the majority of technical specifications in common. Pixel XL will have higher resolution screen and probably somewhat more power to move those extra pixels that has no younger brother.

The new Pixel will be manufactured by aluminium with premium as all high-end materials. Its edges shall be rounded and in the back it will show at the top a glass panel where devices mounted camera, flash, sensor, fingerprint reader and rear microphone.

In its version of color silver We see the parts of glass front and back are white and part of aluminum-silver color with a matte finish. It is the first time that Google puts the front white on their devices, since it was not very well with the black navigation bar, with what may be anything new in the virtual keypad.

Google Pixel

Google Pixel XL

AMOLED display of 5 inches FullHD 5.5 inch QHD AMOLED screen
Qualcomm processor quad-core (do Snapdragon 820/821?) Qualcomm processor quad-core (do Snapdragon 820/821?)
32 GB / 64 GB capacity 32 GB / 128 GB capacity
12 and 8 megapixel cameras 12 and 8 megapixel cameras
USB port-C USB port-C
Footprints on the back sensor Footprints on the back sensor
2.770 mAh battery 3.450 mAh battery

The Pixel and Pixel XL they will be the first mobile designed and manufactured by Google, although according to leaks the Assembly process would make it through the factories of HTC.