Google Announces Its Event from October 4, Will Present Its New Low Pixel The Slogan “Made by Google”

What was an open secret cries already is official. Google just announced that the presentation of their new devices will be within two weeks, Tuesday October 4, event that will take place in San Francisco at 9:00 PDTl (18:00 PM in Spain) and 11:00 AM in Mexico.

The presentation will be under the slogan “Made by Google” as you can see in the web address of the event, with what Google highlighted that the new phones Pixel and Pixel XL have been created by the company.

According to leaks, the new phones Pixel Google make use of HTC factories for the Assembly, although that doesn’t mean are the first mobile 100% Google, since Apple also has recourse to a third party – Foxconn – for the manufacture of their iPhone. In the new Pixel will not appear anywhere the HTC brand as if it happened in the Nexus. Google will be responsible for the distribution, promotion and support of the devices.

Google has made the announcement of your event through this video that has posted on YouTube and social networks, where we see how the search bar is changing the form of the new Pixel and Pixel XL While it sounds song “Come and Get Your Love” of Redbone.

In the event “Made by Google”, Besides the presentation of the Pixel and Pixel XL mobile is also expected to see Chromecast third generation with virtual reality support 4 K, the goggles Daydream View and more information speaker Google Home. It is possible to see two clocks of Google or the renewal of the Pixel C. In two weeks we will leave doubts.