Gifts For 14 Year Old Children

Matching gifts for 14 year olds can be a real challenge.What was the last month of the month is totally desolate and out this month.But there are still a few gifts that make the eyes of most 14-year-olds glow.

Whether big Christmas or birthday present or small souvenir, we have selected toys and games from Rctoysadvice.

The best gifts for 14 year olds

These gifts for 14-year-olds could not be more different, both price and style. But this is the right gift for all occasions.We have selected the following gift ideas: the game of the year 2016, a few touchscreen gloves, an exciting youth tiller, cool zipper headphones and the new Galaxy S7 smartphone. Gifts for children of other age classes can be found here: gifts for children

Gifts for 14 year olds – Codenames

The exciting game Codenames has won the title “Game of the Year 2016” and revolves around the world of the secret services and agents.The game is suitable for 2 – 8 players, ages 14 and up, and the fast playing rounds, which last only a quarter of an hour, promise a fun game with friends or the family.Who is the fastest way to find his agent?

Gifts for 14 year olds – ScreenGloves touchscreen gloves

A big dilemma for every teenager: it’s winter, the fingers freeze, but the touch screen of the smartphone or tablet can not be operated with gloves.
The ScreenGloves touch-screen gloves provide a quick and easy way to keep your hands warm, while at the same time it is possible to operate the touchscreen.The warm gloves are made of 80% cashmere and are delivered in a single size.

Gifts for 14 year olds – lily blood

Ews suspense? Lilienblut is the first of two youthful thrillers of Elisabeth Herrmann. The girlfriends Sabrina and Amelie dream of the future, each in their own way. In the middle of these dreams, 19-year-old Kilian bursts – and one day later Amelie is dead and Kilian disappeared and only Sabrina knows that he could have something to do with Amelia’s death .
This psychothriller for young people is guaranteed to captivate all readers and is an ideal gift for 14 year-old readers.

Gifts for 14 Year Olds – PhoneStar Zipper Zippered Headphones

Headphones in the ears, this is a must have for all 14 year olds.These cool zipper headphones are not only practical, they also sound good and they have a microphone and control panel, over which phone calls can be accepted and guided on many mobile phones.The ear cups of these in-ear earphones are made of soft silicone and pleasant to wear and the trendy headphones in the form of a zipper are available in many different colors.The headphones are an ideal gift for 14-year-olds and are used with enthusiasm.

Gifts for 14 year olds – Samsung Galaxy S7 Smartphone

Admittedly, the price is not a small gift, but the latest smartphone will probably be missing on any 14-year-old’s wish list. With a brilliant HD display, a powerful camera and a 64-bit octa-core processor, the smartphone leaves nothing to be desired and the youngsters can keep up with their friends in everything: making self-made, cool video, WhatsApp, Facebook and more. Teenage parents will probably struggle to fulfill such a wish.