Gazebo Lights

In many gardens are beautiful pavilions or gazebos. There you can relax or celebrate fabulous leisure. With a tailored to the particular occasion lighting of pavilions and gazebos these recreational oases can also be set in the evening and at night perfectly. So each and every pavilion gazebo will become the center of home greens. Here are few safety aspectsForeground, but the cozy atmosphere. This cozy ambiance. By lamps with dimmable lamps, for example, dimmable LED s, dimmable energy saving lamps, halogen lamps or incandescent lamps For a low level of lighting in pavilions and gazebos is the fact that the lighting of the rest of the garden yet to find attention.

Lighting for Gazebo


When choosing the perfect lighting of pavilions and gazebos is first important to know whether it is a closed or an open object. During a gazebo usually has roof and side walls, so this is not the case with pavilions. There are stationary, but also transportable pavilions, their use can be handled flexibly in the garden. A simple lighting variant with large leeway offer lights . Whether exuberant garden party or fun children’s festival: lights are available in various shapes and colors for indoor and outdoor use, so the pavilion or the gazebo can be decorated to fit each. With lights can also be the surrounding bushes, trees and decorative objects skillfully integrated into the lighting concept.

Thus the beauty of the pavilion or gazebo to the viewer in passing or from the house is not hidden in the evening and at night, their lighting offers by floor radiators. Recessed luminaires or ceiling mounted night lights come with Josephnightlights with verandahs or a larger roof overhang used. For the interior of a closed gazebo or pavilion, where the lighting is never exposed to the weather and the temperature in winter does not drop too much, is also offers the choice of a residential lighting many offered. Whether one opts for a ceiling light and / or table and floor lamps, depends on the interior of the gazebo. Located at the lighting in the pavilion or gazebo in the protected area under the roof, the lights should at least with protection class IP 23, ie against splash water and foreign bodies (greater than 12 mm), to be marked. In witterungsungeschützten area to recommend luminaires with protection class IP 44th


On a pavilion or a gazebo to enjoying many years. So this joy is not afflicted by high energy costs, it is important to pay attention with the selection of lighting fixtures to energy efficiency. Light emitting diodes (LEDs) are extremely energy efficient and have a much longer life than conventional bulbs. A useful addition offers also a remote control, possibly in combination with a dimmer and built-in timer. With a tuned to the individual needs and personal tastes lighting pavilion or gazebo stay in this wonderful leisure oasis is the perfect recovery.