Garden Night Lights

Play with night light to enjoy the mild evenings in summer on the terrace, highlight a plant, a massive or to circulate unhindered to the garden after dark… How to properly light up her garden.

Garden Night Lighting

In the garden, we must distinguish two types of night lightings. The first is functional, the second is decorative. Of course, the two are often associated, as it is quite possible to design a light animation overall, both practical and aesthetic.

Functional night lighting

Near the House and above the terrace, the lighting must be abundant indoors. In the areas of traffic, install fixtures equipped with an automatic sensor. For the terrace, the classic switch remains the best solution.

Highlighted spotlight

Projectors, stuck in the ground and upwards from below, give new life to your stands at nightfall. Place the switches inside, to control lighting on demand.

Secure installation

First of all, the realization of an electrical installation in the garden must respect rules very specific, documented in the standard NFC 15-100. The circuit must be independent and protected by a special security breaker. The power cables are placed in a red sheath buried 50 to 85 cm deep. In short, this achievement should be left to a professional. Autonomous lighting, solar charge, constitutes an interesting alternative. A few solar cells placed on the lighting recharge day the battery that powers the lights at night. As such, there are no wires to bury. To work well, that these night lights are exposed directly to the Sun without shade. On the other hand, the diffuse lighting is limited, but such a star night light is very suitable for marking up an alley for example, or for intermittent operation.

Lamps and light fixtures

The night lights used outdoors must be specially designed for this, always for reasons of Security. Make sure they include the mention IPx4 (34, 44, or 54) If you want to install under shelter, or IPx5 (35, 45 or 55) if they may be watered.