From Sweden the Invisible for Those Who Go Cycling Helmet

Two Swedish design students recently presented “Hövding”, a helmet for those who go cycling with an important innovation: it is invisible and comes into operation only when necessary. The news aroused much interest even in the United States, has rekindled for a moment the debate on mandatory or not, and he did ask the experts on effective protection that the invisible helmet guarantees following a fall.

The two young designers Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin started from a simple observation: the bicycle is the means that in the coming years will be more and more for a major, and some cyclists have some allergy to wear a helmet because he felt uncomfortable, especially for short city journeys.

The new model Hövding, which took seven years, looks like a chunky collar to be worn, and remains invisible until ready to use, when it inflates in a fraction of a second and opens with a mechanism similar to that of air bags in cars. The opening of the invisible protective helmet is assured by sensors – combination of accelerometers and gyroscopes – which can detect the slightest abnormal movement of the rider considered one possible source of a fall or accident. In theory then, might come on even after a crush, stress provoked by a big pothole, or even potentially dangerous situations.

According to, the Hövding helmet would be even safer than conventional because helium, the gas contained within it, is able to absorb better shots than they can make materials used in other helmets. In Sweden and the rest of Europe occurred about 20 incidents, and in all cases the invisible helmet opened and worked flawlessly.