Floating Draw, Take Notes and Draw on Any Screen or Application on Your Android

If we do many screenshots, sure we have then edited it: either cut it or by adding some note. Something for example offers us Skitch. Today we see something different since we can also draw but in real time.

A user of XDA has posted Floating Draw. An application that allows you to draw up any place on our Android. We are already on the desktop, an application or wherever, you can take notes and scribbling over.

Bridging the gap, the concept reminds a little floating Samsung Galaxy Note 2 applications. It is true that in this terminal apps work independently and Floating Draw in this case is backings What we normally see on the screen.

The idea is quite good and although it is simple complies with the basics: We can draw strokes, use tools that allow us to obtain lines, squares or circles… There is much that still grinding but works pretty well and is also free so it does not have any waste.

Once you have finished drawing, the application allows us to store the whole in a very simple way. Let us hope that in the next updates improve some basic aspects of the interface, point where the application more lame right now.