First Impressions of The 2.1 IPhone Firmware Update

On Tuesday it was announced that we would have a firmware update of the iPhone that would solve many of the most common problems bedeviling the terminal and we have it here.

With few hours leading up this new version, we have seen some significant advances in certain fields, but others will have to wait to make a deeper analysis.

There are two aspects in which improvement is evident: errors in calls are lower and applications do not crash -or at least not so much-. In both cases I have not seen even a single error since the update, when before they were consistent.

One of the things that I liked less of the iPhone It was his unreliability as a phone for their constant mistakes in the calls. Indeed, on occasions was even necessary to call more than twice in order to establish communication.

Moreover, applications were sometimes hung in such a way that the only option you had to get that they work was to reboot the phone, having multiple times in a single day when the use of the terminal was intensively. As we have already said, since the update has not returned to occur and also applications settle slightly faster.

But what first draws the attention after loading the Firmware 2.1 It is modification of logos from EDGE and 3 G and the substantial increase in coverage that makes the phone. Obviously with so little time we can’t assure that it has grown both as brand chart, but there is, and will be checked so.

Although surely the issue that concerns most users is the scarce duration of the battery. In my case, I basically use it for browsing and in applications that make use of the internet, the battery life was clearly deficient – between 5 and 7 hours of life-. At these times I could see as battery low less quickly and, if we make her case to the numbers provided by the mobile itself, so, although still cannot be assured that it is not a mirage.

Other interesting improvements that are noticed no problems are faster search between the contacts and the incorporation of the newly released Genius -music recommendation system – to the playlists of music.

Regarding the mail improvements in accounts POP y Exchange, I can say that I have noticed some improvement in speed, but in Catalonia – where I live – we are bridge, so traffic has been lower than in other occasions.

In addition the shipping of SMS seems to be somewhat more fluid.

On the other hand, before installing the Firmware 2.1 It should keep in mind a few things. The first thing is that there are users who have complained of serious errors in Windows Vista, It seems that they solve uninstalling iTunes and MobileMe accounts. And secondly that it seems that iTunes 8 detects the Jailbreak Pwnage and blocks it – but knowing the boys of iPhone Dev Team, they will soon fix it-.

Generally can be said that it is a required update that optimizes the functionality of the iPhone It earned lightness, though there are still many issues in which we can not anticipate the magnitude of improvement even.