Finally, Palm for Sale

The picture could not be more descriptive. Palm it is hot and is not for less. The injection of capital from Elevation Partners, the departure of Ed Colligan and the arrival of different Executive with a track record of success at Apple, including the own Jon Rubisntein, have not stopped the company from Sunnyvale who one day was reference in the market of mobile devices It has hit bottom and is on the hunt for some daring buyer.

That goal you work with Goldman Sachs and Qatalyst Partners corporations that have already put on the table several candidate companies, among which are Lenovo Group Ltd., as we announced days ago, and up to the Taiwanese company HTC. The American Dell also appeared initially between strong candidates, even though he has finally refused to submit an own offer.

The representatives of the respective companies involved have declined to make any type of statement for the moment. If as we discussed previously, Lenovo would be very interested in taking advantage of the experience gained in the field of mobile devices by Palm in years, it wouldn’t be very Loopy Imagine a change of course in the strategy of HTC abandoning Windows Mobile / Phone and Android to focus on an own operating system, with the own experience that can also provide.

What is amply demonstrated to this transaction is something that many followers of the American company augurábamos from a few years ago. And is that Palm fell behind in every way and even this gem yet to Polish called webOS got out of the hole in which was already engulfed.

As the song says “ bad times for poetry ”. Rest in peace, Palm.