Fashion with Torn Trousers

Torn pants trend is not new, as already has been adopted as a basic in any fashion lover girl wardrobe. If your still not you decide to lead this trend because you afraid to see you too informal or little arranged, let me tell you that there are many ways with which you can wear torn jeans and see amazing always. Everything depends on the way in which we combine the clothes, and for that we are here today, to share more than 26 ideas of how you can combine your torn jeans. I’m sure that more than one you’ll love, and if you don’t have torn jeans, you should run to get one at least.
A very simple way of combining them is for casual looks, since the broken added that informal touch that have all the outfits of every day. You can use them with spaghetti straps in any color, flats or tennis with which you feel comfortable. Another way to make them casual is using them with t-shirts, you can use them with original or printed messages of bands, which are very popular. If you want to take them to work also worth, only have to add high heels to your look. They may be the color you want, heels Add instantly more personality and formality to your look. It complements a large bag where you can wear earrings to work with all you need. One of the garments with which these pants look very cute is with blazers, since the combination of the formal with the informal never fails.
There are many combinations that can be made with the help of these jeans and your favorite blouses. Remember that the details are those who make the difference, so I invite you look at the gallery which I prepared at where you can watch carefully every look and the way in which you can use torn jeans. They are more than 27 different ideas, I hope that they like so much like me and that you can try them, about all this summer. Don’t forget to share the complete gallery or the ideas that mśs have you enjoyed with family and friends that you think that you might be interested the subject or any of the sets.