Fashion Trend Jeans, How to Use

Jeans-Light Wash

The jeans will never go out of style, since your creation at the end of the 19 century and the popularity in the years 1970, the play became a passion. Manufactured by thousands of brands, in various models, colors and sizes, each season the jeans gets a make over, entering in the current fashion trends.

For the winter 2012, the jeans takes up a feature that was missing a little bit, is the pale hue. Some people think this type of wash combine with the cold, but that is the bet this year. The pants are the main pieces made in that fabric, today one of the strongest selling models are the “skinnys” like well tight, with the tight bar and the “flare”, taking over the years 70, where the pants were adjusted to the knee, and then open the mouth of Bell.

In addition to the jeans, the fashion brought back the vests. The stripped down style attracted many fashionistas and conquered major brands and clothing of jeans. The piece fell into the graces of the superfluous consumer public and since then does not come out of the Windows. For those who still have at home the old jeans, jackets used a lot in the years 80 and 90, just cut the sleeves and up to the bar, to shorten it. Ready your vest. You can customize it with studs, eyelets, pedrarias, fake hair and lace. The applications about the jeans are also very fashionable.

The pale jeans, a trend in 2012, looks great when used with shoes in tom “camel“, which is nothing more than a modern toffy.