Fashion Tip: Use Under Transparent Blouses

Transparent or transparent blouses are a versatile garment that is indispensable in every woman’s closet, since it is a garment that can make you look sexy without much effort.

On the catwalks we can find transparent of all types, without sleeves, with sleeves, patterned, embroidered blouses, with elegant fabrics or simple fabrics for daily use.

Most importantly when using a transparent blouse is know to put you under, this will depend on which both want to cover or if you want to contribute to your outfit a fun or conservative tone, there are many options:

-The spaghetti straps are a good choice for the journal and if you want to cover your torso as far as that can be.

-A neutral tone strapless bodice will allow you to cover your abdomen completely and show off your shoulders.

-A bra color or pattern will give a twist to your look. Always use a black Basic Bra looks very attractive.

-Long or short corsets give it a chic and retro tone to your outfit, it is preferable to use them when the blouse is very transparent, to avoid seeing you very charged.

-Elastic bands or “bandeau” are perfect for a sport look and walk very comfortable, use them in tones met licos or with sequins for use at night.

-“Bodys” are a garment that can also be used under a transparent blouse.