Fabric Delights

A welcoming embrace and engaging. Those who heat up and packing.

When the bed has a duvet of the Premier Collection of Mesh Altenburg, the sensation is exactly that: to feel cozy.

In mesh, 100% cotton and worsted yarn, the fabric has the treatment antipilling, which prevents formation of pellets. The result is extreme softness, comfort and perfect fit for longer.

In addition to all these benefits, the collection is still full of what’s new in design. Contemporary prints and youthful enough to dress up the bed with style, see.

The birds complement the floral and leave the coordinated even more delicate. The soft pink brings touches of romanticism to the décor.

The mix of patterns in black and white gives a visual of the ethnic quilt style. The surprise is the double sided in color and pattern different, leading contrast and modernity to the room.

On a white background, the floral comes super striking and feminine.

The geometric form a mosaic in colors that recall the navy style. The look is perfect for a cool room.

Stripes and mini prints create a composé smooth with traces. Meet the minimalist décor and softens more sober environments.

In different tone of the Duvet, pillow covers create a composé which is pure poetry. To make the bed more imposing, add pillows and choose plain covers in colors that are present in the pattern.