Evleaks Says Goodbye, How Not, Filtering: Well Will Be According to The Moto X + 1

A few days ago we learned that Evan Blass, better known for his Twitter account, evleaks, decided to abandon its usual activity in that social network. The leaks who for years managed to perform were largely successful and allowed us to know details and images of devices that many were waiting with anticipation.

That farewell seemed to have been short, but a few hours ago evleaks posted a message on Twitter that simply wrote “My farewell gift” for you, and that that Yes, attached a filtered image that theoretically will be the Moto x + 1.

In the pictures you can check the design of a terminal that seems will be initially distributed by Verizon (at least, at a minimum) in the United States, and that will have plastic covers and with wood finish. Already it had leaked images and other data, but these seem to belong to the press kit for their quality. We’ll see if September 4 confirms that this is the final appearance of these smartphones and evleaks struck again just before leaving their usual activity.