Dressing Table

This is a post to women and girls, because which woman never dreamed of having a beautiful Dresser? And who dreams up today? o/I think dressing tables just the cutest thing in the world, let the super feminine decor, and is great for adolescents, young people and why not, married women

Besides leaving more beautiful room decor, a dressing table also helps you organize all the makeup and beauty products, without things get crowded in the bathroom. You can check information on JolietCheckout to knit a table cover. The dressing table shows femininity of the woman, and it’s not hard to have a home.

Of course we found ready and wonderful combers, but often the price is a bit steep, so you can mount your dresser. For a dresser you need: mirror, Chair and a desk with drawers, if the table has no drawers is just find something to be drawers.

As a dressing table is used primarily for makeup, you will need a good lighting, then use fixtures that are a cheap and practical to have good lighting.


You need to have an organization on the dresser, you can decorate it laying on flowers, creams and perfumes and accessories, but everything must be very organized. A great tip to put on the dresser and that will assist in time of makeup is a small mirror which increases to make the details.

Be organized and let everything in the right place, so you’ll always know where you are looking for. Use organizing boxes to separate things in the drawer, so nothing gets spread and mixed.