Download and Use The Sounds That Will Bring Ice Cream Sandwich

This week has been the long-awaited presentation of Google and Samsung with the Galaxy Nexus and Ice Cream Sandwich. Many have been the technical details, functionality or interface has been improved. Within this customization of the system, it should not be forgotten sounds, which we will always be notified of calls, notifications or alarms. And it is that with each new version it is customary to include new sounds to get that distinctive characteristic touch.

Could not be less with Ice Cream Sandwich and thanks to the people who are already using the SDK have been removed all the system sounds, notifications, calls and alarms for the enjoyment of all of us, that we look forward to getting a Galaxy Nexus or failing the official update to our terminal.

The process for installing it is simple, but we explain it just in case:

  • Download the. ZIP you’ll find the link to footer.
  • Unzip the file. It should create a folder ‘ audio ’ with the content. If it doesn’t believe it and get content decompressed inside of it.
  • To access your mobile card, or internal storage space.
  • Search the folder ‘ media ’ and if there is no create.
  • Moves the folder ‘ audio ’ inside the folder ‘ media ’. Beware that if there was already a folder ‘ Middle ’ there is another folder ‘ audio ’ inside, since for example in OSX it could lose overwriting information folders.
  • A completed these steps successfully and enjoy the new sounds for ringtones, notifications or alarms.
  • The folder ‘ ui ’ is only for users with root, who can use it to change also the sounds of the system.

You know that the call tones they are, along with the wallpaper, one of the configuration steps that we most often customize periodically. However, for those curious to hear alternatives, or just know how they will be, I should give them a chance, because some will like you. In addition, in many cases, some terminals will have to wait too long to get them officially, so don’t hesitate and try it now. I hope you like them!, I have already chosen some for use during a season.