Don’t Know How to Get The IPhone 4 and MeeGo Relegates to Symbian. The Best of The Week in Engadget Mobile

This has been a well distributed week in Engadget Mobile, with news featured in Apple, Nokia, Google and RIM areas. We will go into detail with the iPhone 4 from Apple and the promising future of MeeGo Nokia, before a general review:

Comparative tables two very different and very elaborate. On the one hand our colleague plokiko compared in detail the rates for voice for individuals from Vodafone, Movistar and Orange. On the other hand, Antonio Raya put face to face the two systems of division of the moment: iOS4 and Android 2.2 aka Froyo.

Froyo, by the way, is one of the protagonists of the week since it has officially come to the Nexus One. This week we’ve also known that they expect us six new Blackberry before the end of the year and that are activated five Android million a month.

The iPhone 4 and its problems

The new model of Apple’s phone It has started to be sold in United States, Germany, France, Japan and United Kingdom. The word that comes to head to summarize the market is unfortunate, given the top 3 problems of hardware of the phone that thousands of users have taken demonstrate with pictures and videos. But no, the truly unfortunate would be used that adjective, because as count in Applesfera a million and a half of iPhone have been sold, breaking expectations.

However, it is true that those problems of factory have been more present in the face to the user, in particular the widespread loss of coverage When the left side of the antennas (the edges of the phone steel) is covered with hand. A user asked Steve Jobs by email and the response from the CEO of Apple multiplied the bad press by the absurd: according to Steve Jobs let catch that foma phone, or buy a Holster.

Of course, those who already enjoy your iPhone 4 have seen the light at the end of the week with the rumor that Apple solves the problem of coverage with a software patch. When most believed that it was a problem of design, and not software, it seems that simply iOS4 think not having coverage when in fact Yes.

Nokia clings to MeeGo and relegates its midrange Symbian

MeeGo will not be fit until next fall, but on June 30 we will have a preliminary version in the repositories of Nokia. Despite its youth, this week we learned that the new Nokia N8 will be the latest N-series Symbian phone.

In this way, We will see in the following Nokia MeeGo and Symbian ^ 4 is still in development will be relegated to the lower series: X, E and perhaps C. A movement of Nokia which responds to a Symbian ^ 3 (the system that carries the N8) is not the height. By the way, this week we have also seen in video Nokia X 2 and have known the Nokia C2.

The best thing for readers

These are the most voted news of the week by the readers of Engadget Mobile:

  • Apple responds: avoid holding the phone in this way.
  • Nokia N8 will be the last Symbian in the N series, please welcome MeeGo.
  • Almost 5 million Android phones a month are activated.
  • HTC Desire could receive the update to Android 2.2 Froyo in two weeks.
  • When does the bus? I don’t know, but Google Maps for Android Yes.