DIY Ideas With Corks

The next time you drink a bottle of wine you not deshagas please corks, since with them we can create an infinite number of things to decorate our home, you will love the ideas!
Some of them have seemed curious but others are truly useful, keep reading because surely among these ideas to recycle Cork Stoppers to find some that will be useful. The Cork is a natural, renewable and ecological material. It is also lightweight and easily manageable, so we cut it and work on it without much effort. It is also waterproof and great thermal insulation. For all these reasons the next time that you descorches a bottle, do not throw the Cork stopper since with it you can do lots of things.

You can create from a plank of notes with much attitude to decorate some space that you won’t forget anything, you can make placemats or porta original super glasses, pictures of plugs and many many cork DIY ideas that you see in the gallery at, hope you like much the ideas don’t hesitate to make them, and also remember that you can share them with friends and family who you think the subject might like.