DIY Ideas for Wedding Table Centerpieces

Celebrate with your own creations
Cute details for centers of tables easy to make your party to your style with proposals for new trends with much glitter, candles or recyclable.

A tall vase, a sphere of styrofoam and flowers in choice of the couple, the idea is to combine and highlight colors in the decoration of wedding.

In this case it is easier to assemble the base with a circle of styrofoam and half-floral sphere, sticking strips of accounts and for a cute finish covers the circumference with a bright Ribbon all about a high glass base ends with the placement of roses.

Recycling can achieve a stylish table centerpiece in this image of a wedding rustic and natural, seeks a long tray and place the ornaments in a linear way with candles or mini gardens are great vera.

For lovers of the pearls looking for containers of all sizes and combinalos for an elegant centerpiece set.

High gloss and shine is the trend this year with spray glues, adhesive tape and frost can make many models of small candlesticks to accompany the center of table.

And if you want a special at your table indicator, a sheet painted in gold with the name what?

Floating candles with beautiful flowers and a simple dish where to place the glasses of different heights.

A decorated plate looks elegant, unique and special.

A cute container and a flower arrangement will always be the center of any celebration.

Very easy, what think? What you liked?