DIY Faded Jeans

What to do during this Sunday afternoon? The best answer is crafts. We play to the decorate your clothes (such and how when we were small) and enjoy the latest trends for very little. Today I show you How to make jeans as the author of after DRK. Yours are unique, because it has made them them at home and in their blog shows us the steps we have to follow to look like her. Do you fancy them?

Pasito a pasito

You only need a pair of jeans for the experiment, bleach, bands of ‘ chicken ‘ and latex gloves. Voila! If she has chosen a few skinny’s Levi ’ s ID Curve. I have them in the same key, but I will experiment with them, because I have too much appreciation, so not me I prefer a few old. Very old.

Once we have everything, the next step is Soak the garment in water. Soak them well and then escurres them a little.

DIY Faded Jeans

Once we have them wet and drained comes the part where we have to decide if We want them with much tie dye or not. To do this we must go by knotting jeans with the rubber chicken. How much more economize them more tie dye will have.

Now comes the time of the mixture. He picks up a big bucket and mix water with bleach. Actually it is recommended that for each 1 ’ 5 litres water you add two cups of bleach, but honestly, people do it by eye. As you wish. The cases is that cube must be filled so that the pants are Immerse well. List once we put the jeans inside and wait & #8230;

How long should you wait? There is an approximate time, but after an hour or so will go seeing as tissue is becoming clearer. When you have the key that you want to remove from the water with bleach, remove gums and esbandelos well.

It is recommended to do a ‘ test ‘ with a model that do not like us very much if us goes wrong Let’s us not an annoyance… But the blogger the result has been ideal. What do you think?

I have no mana, where to buy them?

If you are that they don’t like you experience You can find different faded jeans in each of the stores listed on SongAah. For example, at Asos sold boyfriend version.

But if you like more discreet It can be that these models of Mango and Zara like more (respectively).

Other techniques

Do not like the effect faded to pieces? Test with bleed only probes your jeans and get a completely different but equally brilliant result.

You go to put into practice the experiment today?