DIY Decorating with Christmas Crafts

I have calculated that already you should have almost finished your advent calendars, so today I come to displayed ones ideas for Christmas decorations, which you can do with children, because they involve little trouble.

As I always say: the ideal is to be able to adapt techniques, and sometimes, to use the materials that we have at home, without resorting to the purchase. But, you see, that some of these beautiful crafts, if that will make us go head to crafts or haberdashery shop.

Canes you see in the photo (I love you), are super easy to get: clean pipes and wide hole, red and white medium-sized accounts. Thread love to many young children. The auction can be a fold in the clean pipes so they won’t get out the accounts, or a small ball with a single hole (meted inside a little white glue so that it is fixed). We found it at Pinterest (Ellen Scherrer pin).

We are now going with the reindeer, because who don’t have in mind Christmas prints with snow, reindeer, Santa Claus, gingerbread cookies? In the next excursion that do to the mountain with them children, bring in some twigs, and to the same time, going keeping rolls of cardboard for complete the idea. A roll and a half for each reindeer, and holes (with scissors nose first, and cut paper then, beware of fingers!) strategically, get a simple but attractive result. Is Molly Moo.

And what I say of these jars as DIY Christmas gift? Seek a jar short but wide (jam, peppers, gherkins), which is well clean and dry. At the top you pegáis dough fits the picture of the child inside, then cast flour or expanded polystyrene balls: I prefer the first option, because the other is difficult to clean if it falls on the floor, and young children can put it in your mouth. After you roscáis the cover well, and already have a beautiful decoration for the dining room, which can also play. In the site where I saw it, there are many other precious ideas.

With five strips of cardboard of the same color, and about two centimeters in width, you can make a lantern. The strips must have: 30 cm two of them, 27 cm two others, and 24 the last; they line up at one end and drilled with a machine of those that you have at home, After joining with a fastener, and are bent to join the other tips, and bring together them in the same way.

A silver yarn will become the craft a pendant for the gateway to House. They are on Curbly.

More laborious, but great finish, is this tree that seems to be made of felt, but I would use type green color kraft paper; and the reasons in metalized cardboard. The main problem is the subject, because on wall, fabric or paper are fine, unless it bore: thus seek a two-leaf door, and you can attach it to which ever is closed with zeal or transparent seal… motives is them you give to children so that they are placing them. The idea is in Mums Grape Wine.

Finally, I have called it attention this sphere bright: is ago with PomPoms purchased in the store, and a ball of styrofoam (those have in stationery stores or shops specialized). Them PomPoms is set with pins, and for hanging can embed an eyebolt finite, or a clip of hold open by an end (so even you is a part rounded to pass a tie or tape of raffia). In Feels like home blog you will find.

The truth is that already are having warranty of Christmas, do not you think?