Discover the Extreme Productivity of Your Fishing Rod

Fishing rod It was basically designed to obtain greater productivity of catches of different species. There are special features in your fishing rod, which makes it fulminant when it comes to dominate the good-sized fish. But which of these features is, that defines your fishing rod as an engine of extreme productivity?

Before explain you that feature, I want to mention, that there are multiple designs of fishing rods, but my explanation is based on which works best from the shore, since ultimately the content of this blog is to teach beginners fishing from the banks precisely.

The main characteristic which must meet a fishing rod for the shore, and thus increase the productivity of the same is definitely the flexibility.

As you read it,…, this feature allows in most of the time to beat the fish even if you pass the 30 lb. Even though your fishing rod is not designed for this weight, if you work it with the proper patience and technique, you will finally leave victorious.

And why flexibility is the main feature of productivity?:

  • Being flexible, first of all, in your release you are going to achieve a greater reach with your fishing rod, and if the flexibility you add have good size, it will be much more effective in this regard. It is very important that you place your shots where actually recognize that you can achieve the capture, perhaps in a little more depth, prowl in your fishing zone of larger fish, and with flexibility in your fishing rod, go to reach exactly to the depth needed to duplicate your screenshots.
  • If you’re fishing with artificial, movements are nearly perfect in a flexible, with a pointer not flexible fishing rod , you need more practice to make good catches with your movements. Therefore you capture about 3 times more with more flexible shank.
  • The fish gets tired more quickly with flexibility. This I have checked it personally on several occasions; even being a fish of good size, only with the work performed by the flexible fishing rod and your reel, you get tired in a short period of time, this is very beneficial to achieve good catch.

In river fishing for example, flexible fishing rods play a decisive role in increasing catches. Remember that fish in these places, perhaps have a little less weight than in the sea, and will depend on the LIGHTNESS and flexibility of your attachment of fishing, to give you the exact movement to your bait.

In the specific case of trout for example, if you search with artificial worms, FLEXIBLE pointer, is the key to success for better catches. If you are going to fish thoroughly, the clavonazo is more effective, i.e. the hook pierces faster, if the pointer of your fishing rod has the necessary flexibility.

In summary…:

To achieve extreme productivity of catches from the banks, the main characteristic that must have your fishing rod which is?:


I hope that you understand this important concept…

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