Dior Make-up for Autumn-Winter 2011-2012

Fall winter 2011 makeup Dior-2012 is definitely smoky and blue. Skin clear and transparent approach to make lips focused on the look. Here are all the products of the new Blue Tie Makeup Collection.

Winter 2012 Dior: password blue!

Romantic and metallic powders for Dior make-up fall-winter 2011-2012 and, strictly, intense blue, grey and light blue in various shades. It’s called Blue Tie Makeup Collection this beautiful high quality cosmetic line for Christian Dior.

And blue are also the beauty case and enamels Vernis, n beautiful combinations with pink blush peach and Fuchsia cold, to be applied on a skin on skin as white as porcelain. We present them in all their beauty.

  1. One colour eye shadow is called1 Couleur and comes in 12 shades, from very light to deep purple Celestine.
  2. The Duo eye shadow is called3 Couleur and is ideal to make a trick smoky eyes by combining 3 colors of which, 2 1 iridescent cotton, to create all the nuances of the same nuance. The 3 Couleurs eye shadow Smoky will be available in the following shades:
  • Smoky pink (051)
  • Smoky black (091)
  • Smoky Navy (291)
  • Smoky Khaki (481)
  • Naked Smoky (571)
  • Smoky Brown (781)

Dior Eyeliner

To complete the makeup of the “blue look” smoky “Dior has created a unique eyeliner with the following palettes:

  • Slate (058)
  • Carbon (098)
  • Army Green (178)
  • Mint (468)
  • Chestnut (788)
  • Plum (888)

Finally, one of the essential products for all Dior addict is the Voluptuous treatment for lips Haute Couleur Rouge Dior range to have naturally seductive fleshy lips. As always, the problem is only one: Blue Tie Makeup Collection is a limited edition!