Difference between Retro and Vintage Style

Out Of Doubt And Know The Difference Between Vintage And Retro Style.

Some time ago I mentioned in an article about vintage for the kids in the House-inspired many use these two words to define the same style erroneously, as the elements of the past confusion is quite logic and today I wanted to write this post to clarify the difference between vintage and retro style.

A decorative object is vintage if it is the period in which it was created. All objects representative of the year in which they were designed or manufactured are vintage. Most popular parts are those that were created between the 1920s and the 1970s, but as he spends the years start to become vintage pieces from the 80s and 90s. Logical!

In general, all parts of the Decade of the’50, linked to the Pop Art of Andy Warhol, tend to be considered vintage.

Here’s The Big Difference Between Retro And Vintage

Retro decorative items revived styles and fashions from the past recent but manufactured or created at the current time. They simulate the aesthetics of the past. They are new objects, with antique look, which seem to be from another era. Hence the confusion, while the vintage items are old retro items are newly manufactured.

The raison d ‘ être of the retro style is logical, all pieces of the past that take us back to our childhood we were admiring or wish to have at our House these furniture and iconic lamps of industrial design… but or go in search of them to antique dealers, you almonedas or markets of second-hand what I call hunting treasures… as that day in which told you my adventures to find a “demijohn” or directly go to a shop where sure that you will find a replica of that object that you want so much to know and is no longer.

I have it easy because I live in La Bisbal d’ Empordà and here, if there is something, they are antique shops and auctions where to search and dig, and when I need something more specific that doesn’t need restoration I go to a shop “La Botiga”, if you come here, both antique dealers and this store are must-see, but if you’re not close account with your own online store.