Decorating Rooms with Beautiful Wallpapers

This article is addressed to all people who wish to renovate the bedroom decor without spending much and in a practical way.We have already clarified that renovating the decoration is not necessarily as complicated and costly as we imagine at first.As we have shown in a number of articles, there are a number of practical solutions for transforming the décor of an environment, which do not require bulky investments and do not cause as many upsets as wall smashing and dirt.

The wallpaper is a great ally for anyone who wants to change the decor and print a new personality in the environment.Wallpapers incorporate new techniques and come in multiple forms, with textures, collages, elaborate graphics, prints, three-dimensional effects and other novelties that make it an even more versatile and sophisticated decorative feature.

Decorating Rooms with Beautiful Wallpapers

Therefore, in this article we present suggestions and examples of rooms decorated with wallpapers, to serve as inspiration for those who want to give a new personality to the room and make it more sophisticated and cozy.

Wallpaper with prints

Wallpapers with prints can be used to create themed decorations.In this example, the bedroom was lined with a fun-toned wallpaper that emphasizes the delicacy and elegance of the room.

Oriental style

One of the main functions of the wallpaper is to customize the environment and give it personality, being able to be used to combine with diverse furniture and with the most diverse styles of decoration. In this project, the suite with oriental decor was decorated with furniture and objects from various parts of the world and antique dealers. Arthur Decor ‘s wallpaper creates a harmonious atmosphere and highlights the oriental atmosphere, consisting of the pendant lamp from Turkey, the linen brought from India, the Chinese chests of L’oeil and the side tables, Antiquarian pans, which result in an exotic and welcoming environment.

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Discreet and elegant style

As already mentioned, there is an immense variety of types of wallpapers, which also produce the most varied effects.Horizontal striped wallpapers , for example, alter the spatiality of the environment, making it wider in its length or width, at least visually, and therefore more comfortable.In this design, horizontal stripes in golden color create a sense of movement and contribute to make the environment more comfortable and elegant.

Provencal style

In this project, two panels, located at the ends of the room, were covered with wallpaper with horizontal stripes, creating a niche that serves to position the bed.Neutral tones and classic-style furnishings enhance the Provencal style of décor and the delicacy and elegance of the ambience.

Chess wallpaper

In this project, signed by Dani Santos , the wallpaper in chess design complements the decoration of the environment, which also has furniture in Provencal style, neutral tones and indirect lighting design that make the environment more intimate and cozy.


In this project of complete reform of an apartment, all walls of the room of the couple were covered with wallpaper, in beige color, with the aim of giving more personality to the environment and mainly to make it more cozy.

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Gold vertical stripes

Nothing better than a wallpaper to enhance the welcoming feel and sophistication of the environment.In this project, a wallpaper with vertical stripes with different shades of gold leaves the ambience more elegant and pleasant, combining with the other accessories and objects of the decoration, as the two lamps on the bedside table, also with gold metallic base.

Black vertical stripes

The wallpapers adapt to the most diverse environments and decorating styles.They can enhance the charm and warmth in the couples rooms and the boldness and irreverence in the adolescent rooms.In this example, a wallpaper with vertical stripes in black creates a daring and sophisticated ambiance, also emphasizing the contrast with colored carpentry elements, such as dumb servants, in yellow.

Silver horizontal stripes

In this example of a teenage room, a wallpaper with horizontal stripes in silver color part of the wall and shows the youthful style and stripped of the environment.In addition to the wallpaper, a mirror panel, a lacquer bench in pastel blue, a pendant lamp with a lamp, and unusual accessories such as a minibar, which also serves as a mute, leave the environment more sophisticated and custom.


As wallpapers come in endless shapes and styles, it is possible to dare on the solutions to wall cladding.The plotting technique, for example, allows the printing of large photos, which can serve as wallcovering.You can customize the decor of your room with images from your personal collection or as in this project, you can use the collage technique and create a panel with numerous images.In addition to making the environment more personalized, this solution left the environment more youthful and stripped.

Playful decoration

The children’s rooms always deserve a thematic and playful decoration, so as to make the experience with the built space of the children in a more playful and enjoyable experience.There are solutions like the one used in this project, in which the walls of the room were lined with blue wallpaper and sky-inspired cloud prints that make the environment more pleasant, relaxed and delicate.

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Which of these wallpapers would you use to enhance the decor of your room?

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