Data Portability between Different Mobile Virtual Operators during 2010

In January reviewed the results of the portability throughout 2009 between the Spanish operators and although we saw the data in the MVNO’s (mobile virtual operators), left us feeling of wanting to get to know some more specific data about each OMV separately.

At the moment we will have to settle for data portability for January and February of 2010 but at least now we can go by us an idea of how you will all operators separately and analyze if these are consistent with their tariffs and recent movements.

In the cumulative 2010, Pepephone It has proved to be the OMV benefited more from capturing a total of 5.765 lines so it seems that continuous offerings and nearly unbeatable rates for all types of needs are paying off.

Closely followed by Simyo 5,350 captured lines although in this case, the variation over the last year represents a cut of nearly 55% in comparison. Fact quite representative of that sector is very critical with the immobility of its rates for voice (despite offering a very good choice) or changes in its data rate. The case is that the OMVs users appear to be the most faithless of all.

They have also closely followed him Jazztel and R that probably have such amount of users carried thanks to its joint offerings of fixed and broadband.

Hits and Másmovil they have also got very good results in portability and it is that in these cases, the voice rates include calls to 0 cents among customers by what also tends to be a good choice.

But there is also MVNO customers lose and operators are located on this side as Lebara (it has raised rates on several occasions and that is happening invoice), Happy Mobile that is aimed mainly at immigrants or Day and Carrefour that you can not highlight much as others even though they offer rates very similar to the MVNO that run more luck. And although Euskaltel also still losing customers for portability, its data have improved almost 75% compared with a year ago for what their latest improvements in rates also may be bearing fruit.

No doubt the rates are still a very important point When changing operator as shown of Movistar and Vodafone data although they continue blaming them loss of customers prepaid offering no competition if we compare them with the OMVs. Orange, follow the good way and rates as of 9 cents per minute prepaid along with terminals of different ranges, can that they are helping you.

Finally, Yoigo that is the most benefit and is that few operators having rates for voice and data fairly striking, also offers subsidised terminals.

You can consult all the data on these outcomes in the above image.

Although these data are quite representative, it must be noted that in the study the high’s new numbers are not included, Thanks to which all operators win customers and even the traditional can overcome any remaining operators.

But also important not only is the number of captured users if revenues from these and in this area, Vodafone remains the most profitable among operators that give economic data. It be that apart from tariffs, the users that provide more value also take into account the? grant of terminals and service?