Dark Lips Make-Up: So It Goes

Beauty Assistant Verena Lederer shows you step by step how you make-up dark lips

So make-up dark lips

Step 1: Primer

Before you wearing dark lipstick, lip balm on the lips allow, the lips not out dry and well prepared for the makeup. Then some of the Foundation, aufrägt also on the face, on the lips and Pat with your finger. Then with loose, transparent powder from powder. After the fingers over the lip knock off powders, so the powder particles combine with the skin and are not only on the lips according to Granthamguides.

Dark Lips Make-Up So It Goes

Step 1: dark lips

Step 2: Colour preparation

With a Pencil in the matching color to the lipstick, the lip contour follow suit. Tip: If you want to visually enlarge the mouth, pull the PIN out of the contour. Want to visually reduce the mouth, pa