Cycling: the Healthy Option

Cycling is healthy for both the person and the community: This is the conclusion of the report of the British Medical Association: “Cycling: Towards Health and Safety”.

Cycling on a regular basis will improve your physical and mental fitness, and will help you live a long and healthy life, and reduce weight.

Three-quarters of all personal travel is less than 5 kilometers away from your starting point (from work or home), which represents, on average, only half an hour on a bicycle.

Changing these short trips from car to bike will benefit your health and your community.You will be helping reduce noise and air pollution as well as traffic congestion.

The more bicycles on the streets, the more benefits for the environment and the local community. But surely the greatest beneficiary will be you, as an individual.

Increased Physical Conditioning: Your strength, endurance, aerobic conditioning, and overall muscle function will be improved visibly and clinically with the practice of pedaling.

Cycling is a low impact activity and one of the safest and happiest ways to exercise on Calabasasshopping, without the risk of overwork or strain of muscles and joints. Regular physical activity also encourages healthy behavior that will help you reduce weight or even stop smoking (if that is the case).

Reduced Heart Attack: The muscles of the heart are strengthened, pulse at rest is decreased and blood fat levels are reduced. People who are in the habit of pedaling regularly suffer much less from heart disease.

Reducing Excess Weight: Cycling helps in burning body fat and increasing the metabolic rate, causing you to lose weight. If you perform physical activity regularly you can enjoy a more varied diet without increasing body weight. Cycling is one of the most comfortable forms of physical activity for those who are returning to exercise, allowing most people to get in shape easily, safely, and without excessive physical exertion.

Stress Reduction: Stress, anxiety and depression are all relieved, in part because of the physical activity itself, but also because of the pleasure and satisfaction in riding a bicycle.

Biking is convenient for short trips, and often faster than other forms of transportation.

It is a stress free medium in practicing physical activity, as it can be part of a daily routine. So there’s no need to worry about your new lifestyle because you will not have a busy schedule of activities, you’ll only have one: Pedal!